2016 - A Spectral Imaginary (Catalogue text by Robin A. Suri)

29 Apr

The conceptual framework of the artist Armin Völckers oscillates like a pendulum, suspended in fantasia and time, multiplicity and process orientation being the chief determinants. What has come to evolve from the creative impetus of an emergent filmmaker, who returned to visual art as his chief medium of expression, are a series of paintings and prints which astound with their versatility and vibrancy.

Versatile, as the various creations depict a sensibility of transmutation of art historical imperative within a locus of an aesthetic possessed by the imaginary quality of life. Gothic portraiture and relief, early Renaissance depiction and pictorial fantasia prove the philosophical acumen of the artist and reveal a unique quality wherein the media themselves instigate a subversion of formal and historical posits.

Digital replication affords the artist a language wherein he transforms iconographic symbols - whether mythical, popular, or vernacular - in an emblematic display of ingenuity and rupture with codification and predominant aesthetic form: nuance and juxtaposition serve to engender a contest with the legacy of traditional leitmotif.

The constituent body of work refuses simulacra, while abstaining from mimetic spectacle. An unusual visual sleight of hand, rendered by way of sophisticated multi-layering with an attention to the subtle evocations of color in principle, fuse the diversity of media with that of aesthetic query. The visual experimentation is intimate in nature, a visceral dynamic of a language which implies, that the objective view of art historical signifiers might be dismissed in light of a subjective engagement. This artistic practice breathes life into the stasis of conventional representation: ephemeral and spectral qualities resonate in his works, be they abstract or figurative, painterly or photographic. 

These transmutations from the dogmatic to the lyrical and sensual are the evocations of a voice that has come to master technology insofar it informs the work, yet avoiding becoming its slave in return, in the quest of a process which envisages a time spectral. The dreamt instance captured and wrought, time and again at the forge of conceptual origin.

R A Suri

Xian, PRC,  2015/11/01

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